Once Upon a Time In The West ( Rebooted 9/1/18 )

When that wind roars out of the South,
the one called the “Zephyr”,
it tears right through El Paso
with raw heat and anger;
blasting like buckshot
in saloon bar brawls,
it stampedes droves of tumbleweed
herding it like cattle;
Zephyrs sweep away everything,
except memories and their re-telling
that clatter,that chatter across
strung out continental wires,
informing city readers a day
or two later of some gunfight
someplace far away,so far removed
that the recounting of it
enobles the mythical participants;
three cadavers,wescutts buttoned
silver coins placed over their eyes,
lined-up one,two,three
for that new tripod camera,
the faces of Pat Garrett and William H.Bonney
are absent from that white & black portrait,
they got paid their double gold eagles
and rode off.

2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time In The West ( Rebooted 9/1/18 )

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

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    The article:
    Once Upon A Time In The West by louis kasatkin
    The comment (by Stephen):
    I really like the subject matter. Anything steeped in history and especially the Wild West fascinates me. My only nit-pick is that the flow breaks (for me) with the insertion of words that smack of the future / technology, ie – ‘new tripod camera’. I think i know why you used this, but it brought me out of the piece.

    Still liked it though :0)

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