On this hill

http://youtu.be/7zJe-4sVsfMOn this hill

In darkest daylight

with all sin revealed

the host is lifted high.

There is no melancholy melody to this sacrifice,

no quietude of choir-filled gentility

to align thought and soul.

This altar of absorbing pain

staggers the senses, grips the mind.


This is a solitary place.

A hermitage

crowded with broken hearts

and wounded spirits

oblivious of their fellows.


Let sense be dulled;

for here the sting of death

awaits those who turn their face

for easier vistas.

This unquiet beauty of wracked passion

steals the splendour of simpler creations

and scourges art and word and song.


Tears are the sea

from which this mast arises,

this lighthouse which signifies

wrecking rocks and vicious tides.

The storm which ravages here

breaches time and place,

pulsing of life and void of death.

A lightning flash shears the curtain,

the thunderous roar

a fanfare to sanctity.


On this hill eternity is on trial;

a single soul its witness,

the jury a world of closed eyes.


A timbered suffering sacrifice

sees my small pain

and weeps

for me.

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About Keith Wallis

Keith Wallis Keith Wallis is an English poet. He is a senior part of the leadership team of Houghton Regis Baptist church. An engineering designer by trade he brings a eye for detail as well as faith into his poetry. He is currently ‘poet in residence’ at Ruby e-zine and a moderator at ChristianWriters.com. His blog of ekphrastic* poetry is: http://wordsculptures-keith.blogspot.com where you’ll also find links to his books and his other blogs. Married to Val in 1970 he has two sons and three grandsons. The eldest grandson is disabled and cannot communicate verbally. Val is a literacy teacher and occasionally despairs of her husbands rebellious use of punctuation. Though not an ‘academic’ (school was a disaster) he was always fond of writing. He began submitting work for publication in the 1980’s after being encouraged by David R Morgan at that time the local community writer in residence. A number of small press magazines and anthologies took the work (poetry and graphics). Four small booklets were published over the following few years, three published by Stride Publications and one by Sol Publications. Joining ChristianWriters.com in 2005 (and subsequently becoming a moderator) re-energised his writing. Recently work has published by: RootsWorship, EveryDayPoets, PoetryMonthly International, Word Catalyst Magazine, The Cypress Times, Christian Poet's Pen, Perpetual Magazine, Bewildering Stories, FaithFilledFamily magazine and Ruby magazine. Recent books : 'in moments like these': http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2004342 'a River of Small Stones': http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1943350 'by still waters' : http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1488528 'a River of Small Stones ii': http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2419455 *ekphrastic means using one form of art to inform another – Keith uses his own photography as that base on this blog.

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  1. Lokesh Roy

    A poignant account of heartfelt words ! ….what else one can say of this poem by Keith Wallis, after going through lines like “the jury a world of closed eyes”. Very profound indeed.

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