On Father’s Day

On Father’s Day

A  F.A.T.H.E.R,

Is a source,

Who is,

F-Forever Available,



H-Happy Soul,


R-Ready to stand for his children.

A father,

Has an understanding heart,

With a support right,

From the start.

My father is a soul,

With purity and a mole.

He has a golden heart,

Apart from being smart.

He is strict from outside,

But tender from inside.

Many gifts from all,

But a few caressing words,

From dad,

Calms down all.

I love my dad,

And that’s all,

As he is a gift sent by god.

My hero, my love, my strength and my role model.

A role easy to hear,

But hard to perform.

Dad- A salute to you.

©Srishti Sharma




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