Old Friends , New Enemies

One walks across for tea and sympathy
One stays to eat and returns feeling good
A bunch of cottage flowers in one’s hand
One talks on phone whenever both are free
Knowing for sure that one is understood
The stuff of daily life and nothing grand

But then we have the kind where jealousy
Will lift like sudden snake it’s ugly hood
Old rivalries will surface quite unplanned
Old comradeship is not a guarantee
All’s always good

Old friends are like old shoes old clothes old bed
Well-worn wool socks or cosy cardigan
Comforting as a warming winter sun
Though exceptions also occur instead

At times old friends lose touch then meet again
It’s exciting enough to begin with
But happiness we know is mostly myth
And soon they start to weigh loss against gain

Perhaps one touches , unknowing , some pain
Some half-healed wound the other is still nursing
One’s sorry oneself for tactlessness cursing
Uneasy the relationship in strain

Proverbial lilies fester worse than weeds
The unknown years change friends in many ways
The blacks and whites of yore fade into grays
Old friendship then a new enmity breeds

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

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