Oh my diary

Beyond blues
in the symphony of fireflies
Amidst the white swans
Me and my alien heart
On the contours of black and white
Lost in the labyrinth of my diary
in search of some lost lullaby
Scaffolding of my castles of fairy dreams
Withered in swirls of some nests
in the fuzzy neurons and cells
Of expansion, growth as all says
May be, may not be
And here with my shallow breaths
I kept gazing at the crescents of moon
May be decoding its peripherals
Of relations, functions, mappings
And slowly my eyes gets closed
Some frenzy breezes came whispering
To tease
To soothe
To caress
As some stories untold
As some lives unlived
I woke up
Not to sleep ever again
And the pages of my diary are unfurling
May be to tell some stories left untold
Or to ask for few more breaths
From the one and only beloved of his master

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