Of Factory Lights & Moonlight

The soothing moonlight,
spray even my terrace
where I sit silent,
looking at those lights beyond

the lights yonder,
of one factory premises
how they wink at my failures
with every bit of their wicked smile

as they blink o’er
grotesque figures
some giant broilers
seething at subhuman temperatures

they gloss o’er
palls of smoke as fuming
billowing copious
through man-made chimneys

lastly to give in
to the soothing moonlight
that spray even my terrace
thankfully where I sit silent.

2 thoughts on “Of Factory Lights & Moonlight

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    I liked the use of “soothing”moonlight set against the factory and the particularly visceral images that are used to paint a real picture of unease.It certainly struck me as a vaild and perceptive commentary on aspects of industrialisation.

  2. lokesh

    in fact, the poem does not aim at the factories , but uses the factory lights as a backdrop only, to narrate an individual’s frustration with the mean & small minds of people–the people who have amassed wealth by hook & crook—eventually to pale insignificant before the divine presence—the moonlight !

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