Odin’s Chosen One


Hail lady from the Asgard mist,

My Valkyrie of death,

Odin choose so wisely

When he placed you on this earth;

He wrapped you in his mantle;

Placed white armour on your breasts,

Marked you with the secret signs,

That made you stand out, from the rest.

He spoke to you in whispers,

Revealed the mysteries of the Runes,

You know the past and future,

The day of Ragnarök doom.


You have seen the roads I already walked,

Searching for the dream;

In some wars I fell, or stumbled

Waded rivers and crossed streams.

So when you see our God’s again,

Tell them, that I stayed true,

And am thankful that I passed this way,

So my soul could rest awhile with you.


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