Ode to A Nestling

Little one…
Do not grow up too much,
Do not please get over
The need for my touch,
Do not, pray, outgrow
The home in my arms…

My baby…
The world outside feeds
On your ephemeral fears,
Yet, do not cling
Forever onto me,
Lest I feed you my fears…

My nestling…
Please never cease needing
To wrap your fingers
Around my drying palm,
Your subtle wings over
My aching, aging heart…

My daughter…
Fear not to light up
With that wondrous smile,
For, in the darkest hours,
I would want to find
My way through you.

After long, back to penning. I wouldn’t have known what this fear was or what to say about it the last time I wrote here. But today, I know it. Yes, I am talking about motherhood. Dedicated to Faiha, my little girl, who was a premature baby, early by one month, but a healthy 4 month old now.

January 5th, 2015
© Sana Rose 2015

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