O White Moon

O white moon!
Give me some whiteness,
Black clouds surround me.
I cannot see your beauty,
But it is my firm belief
That behind these clouds
You are present.

My tears are not obeying their master
And coming out of their caves.
These tears are testimony
Of my true love for you.

When will the day come
When your sparkling rays touch my trembling heart?
When will your mercy shower
Fall upon my immortal point?
When will your white face
Be before my black eyes?
When will your innumerable ministers
Decide my doings?

You are my king,
But what an unfortunate creature I am
That I am blind to you.

Alok Mishra.

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About Alok Mishra

Born in India in 1981, Alok Mishra is a teacher and an award winning poet. He has had a keen interest in writing poems since a very young age. His poems have been published in various journals and websites in several countries. He loves to write spiritual and romantic poems.

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