O happy day!

It is always the same
you think
as you yawn and wake up.

There are lots of things on your mind
things half done
things not yet begun.

The day is never the same
though it does look so
night always gives way to morn.

Life looms at us with all expectancies
death is never slow to see.

And so you wake up
sit back and be thankful
there are so many things you have
that others don’t
so many things you have
that others don’t.

What makes you fretful?

Let the wind carry your cares away
drown it in the waves.

Lift your eyes
to the splendor of creation.
Behold ! the waves .

Let them lash over you
joy abound
that your smiles
may stay on
long after they have left.

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About Dr.Mary Annie A.V.

Dr.Mary Annie A.V. hails from Trivandrum, India and writes under the pen name 'anna maria' . She hails from a family of writers . She holds a high official post in the University of Kerala,Trivandrum,India. She resides in India with her husband and three children. Her poems have been published in various e-magazines , print anthologies in India and abroad. She has two collections to her credit, titled "My Beads Unstrung" and 'More Beads Unstrung'. Her definition of a poem is : Virgin white paper raped. Rapt. Writing is her passion :)

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