Nunc Dimittis

When you get up tomorrow

tomorrow will not be there for you ,

Its aspirations for you discarded

into a forgetting forgetful forever forgotten ;

Tomorrow will unfurl its plans and stratagems

from which you somehow have been omitted ,

there will be applause for the Victors

but you won’t be on that stage ,

nor be found anywhere in the audience ;

And on that photograph that will be taken

the faces will in retrospect seem familiar

to those who were and shall be there ,

but there will be one whose very absence

will itself shall go unremarked ;

Your shadow will not trouble the dust under the midday sun

nor shall your evening be alive with promises ,

for all those now are part of the detritus discarded

into the forgetting ,

forgetful forever ,



4 thoughts on “Nunc Dimittis

  1. pramilakhadun

    This meaningful poem drives a message home….tomorrow belongs to no one.beautifully thought and penned dear poet.

  2. Maya Dev

    Profound, insightful…A reality brought forward with bitter realities….In short nothing lasts forever….and the passionate attachment is just meaningless to anything and anyone…Amazing write Louis…Regards


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