Afraid I am not

the darkness spoils itself by chasing away  all the whispers

Afraid I am not

the whispers are knotted in a lullaby

bored, the darkness slips under the doors

Afraid I am not

love left me nude in a painting

the darkness is nesting by my side for God’s fear

Afraid I am not

8 thoughts on “Nude

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Iulia’s style is to the fore in this personal perspective on relationships. “The darkness spoils itself”,and “love left me nude in a painting” give the reader an indication of Iulia’s penchant for quirkiness.

    1. iulia gherghei Post author

      Thank you, Louis Kasatkin!!! This poem was inspired by a Modigliani painting! In a relation, all our defenses fall, leaving us “nude” to the grace of our partner!!!

  2. Lokesh Roy

    this poem is artistic ; the words having a natural flow to them- I could’nt find a trace of artficiality or pretence , much as I tried , giving it a certain distinctiveness that goes with it.

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