Nothing Can Be Done

What can a poet do in perils?

I have full faith in our guiding statement

‘Nothing can be done.’

 I can speak through my metaphors

And irony may wind my sails

And I know my words make nothing happen.

So what can be done?

‘Nothing,’ they say.

But can’t a song be sung?

Cannot a voice, be it ineffectual, be voiced?

My wings may be broken,

Or I may be caged,

Still I sing.


More I be burnt,

More mastery I have with my lyre.

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Abu Siddik is an Assistant Professor in English at Plassey College, Nadia,West Bengal. He is a bilingual author, editor, critic, poet, and storyteller and has been published in India and abroad. He has three critical books: Representation of the Marginalized in Indian Writings in English (Falakata College Cell, 2015), Misfit Parents in Faulkner’s Select Texts (Authorspress, 2015), Banglar Musolman (Sopan, 2018), and two books of poems: Whispering Echoes (Authorspress, 2020), Rugged Terrain (Authorspress, 2020). For more please visit him at

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