Notes on the Dreams of Dust

We gaze upon ourselves

as we die each day

the slow death of days,

the long days

of circumspection

unspoken remorse;

cryptic clues

to understanding

the vastness of

the futility of all

endeavour committed

so naively to an

enterprise of certain failure;

for some of us at least

the day is now over,

the dust settled.

5 thoughts on “Notes on the Dreams of Dust

  1. Madhumathy R

    It’s a pleasure to listen to poetry being recited in chaste accent by a native speaker. Enjoyed reading and listening to “Notes on the dreams of dust”.

  2. suzette portes san jose

    life exist with death… one goes either after or before the other… as we have our feet on the ground… we can see what is above us and around us, the vastness of everything and we are a speck of the whole thing… the mortality of man will return to ashes and dust to the ground…. very nice realization of man’s existence.

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