Notes on an Approaching Oblivion

the snow drifted
like bad memories
across the gunmetal sky;
Someone called his name
as if through a mile long tunnel;

The spoon
the lighter
the pack of 5-millilitre syringes;
He shook the powder into the spoon,
mixed it with water;
a third of a bag,
a tenth of a gram,tops.

His body remembered what was coming,
Time would stop at last,
expanding horizontally instead
the emptiness would fill with..

He aimed the needle at his arm
at a 20-degree angle towards the heart,
always towards the heart,
the correct angle;

The blood was dark red;
it flowed into the syringe,
he pulled off the tourniquet
and injected;

The rush hit him like a..
his pulse disappeared
the world went black;

Someone called his name
as if through a mile long tunnel;
the snow drifted..

3 thoughts on “Notes on an Approaching Oblivion

  1. Kamlesh Acharya

    Beautiful! I love these poems that create a circle of images, which start and end at the same point (in this case the drifting of the snow) but something significant happens between the two repeated images. Beautifully captured the inner feelings and outside objects of an addict.

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