Not without you

my past will crush me down,
i’ll forever moan on my own,
i’ll be comforted by none,
i literally cannot,
live on without you.

i can crush my addictions,
change our problems into past fictions,
doubts can never be life’s restrictions,
failure will be the least option,
in one amazing revolution,
all these can be true,
but not without you.

I’ll successfully avoid the drinking spree,
and behold life’s challenges with glee,
i can win till the world come to see,
that our relationship is a bliss..
all this is real,
but not without you.

for you’re more than all the world’s cents,
you are the medal eminent,
that keeps me running with renewed
my nothingness minus you is clearly
so don’t let me go on,
coz life won’t be the simplest tone,
not without you!..

4 thoughts on “Not without you

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Not without you ” ,( together with the accompanying contemporaneously published ,” ride on love ” ) displays an enthusiastic , naif quality that clearly marks out Jobale Wihnope as poet of potential. Welcome to Destiny Poets and thank you for posting and sharing your work with us.

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