Not This Song – Never

singing moon

In the night the song waves start to disappear
Like white trees, when there is no one their fall to hear.
Earth’s shadow hides the moon, a harp without strings.
Lasting love shines on crazy engagement rings.

What does love mean, when the elves come life to cheer?
In the night the song waves start to disappear,
And in the moonlight your feelings become blue.
The flowers cry for our time with tears of dew.

Bud butterflies become whispers in our dreams
To complete our entwining in the life’s streams.
In the night, the song waves start to disappear
On the moon, a double-meaning pamphleteer.

The green knows that through the darkness shines the light.
And love has sense, when the saints pray for the height.
And life blooms, when the God’s angels hurry near.
In the night the song waves start to disappear.

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About Marieta

Marieta Maglas is from Romania. She was born on May 1964. She graduated the University in her country in 1987. Her poems have appeared in some journals, including the Velvetillusion Literary Magazine Alabama,The Secret (La Revista) Italy, FWM Magazine US and Thu Trang Spain. Her poems were selected, and published on some anthologies at Xlibris, Sybaritic Press ( more specific it’s about the book Near Kin edited by Marie Lecrivain), at Prolific Press ( Three Line Poetry issue # 25) and others. She has been nominated at International Festival of Poetry in Canada and Mexico.

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