No more

Why is it that pure and innocent feelings are always scared

Why is it that genuine intentions hesitate

And, on the other side, heinous ones, bold and mighty

Make their way through so easily!


Why, no more wish I to see the human hearts lamenting

No more wish I to see the self victimizing

The lonely agonizing

The desperate engulfing!


Wish I, rather, to see humans, made of light

Enjoying life as it is

Knowing that here, they are meant to stay awhile

And taking the opportunity, to be the best of themselves!


Why, wish I to see humans smiling

Smiling for nothing, smiling at nothing

Smiling just because they are made of inner peace

Yes, I wish to see humans engaged in self love!


Humans, ready to share this love with their kin

Their brothers of blood, and sisters in making

Humans, imbibed with faith

Ready and willing, at any time, to let go of the mundane!


I wish to see pure and innocent intentions winning

I wish to see evil acts disappearing

Pray, all beings made of souls are to feel safe

And loved, accepted, esteemed and well cared for!


Enough of this world’s stupid incoherence

Enough of maliciousness

Enough, no more wish I to see evil take over

Rather, I wish to see innocence and well being flourish!


Pray, such can happen,

Such can happen without the sway of a magic wand

Such can happen, all it requires is to close ourselves to the mundane

And listen to the mystical in each of us!

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