No evil available for the moment

a black, fat cat
slugging on life’s sofa
the inner evil opens one eye
as she rolls over on the other side
in a permanent hot summer
slumber is a voluptuous liquid
spreading away the hell’s aroma

lazy, apathetic, snail like
time is digging sins under my skin
wrinkles gather together mapping
my face in order to sketch a new portrait
sharp ditches enhancing the similitude
with the shadow of shadows
lucky me, there are no mirrors in hell!
lucky me, the evil within is busy right now
sinking in ice cream

4 thoughts on “No evil available for the moment

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A special poem for Friday the thirteenth ? but it’s one from the Mistress of poetic Grand Guignol herself,so one can’t be sure. For the unsuspecting reader this tip ; imagine Alice-in-Wonderland filmed by Alfred Hitchcock with the screenplay by Borges.


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