Nistara’s Nightmare

It was a quiet Sunday night ,
When everyone was sleeping tight
After a hearty filling meal
That Nistara awoke
A dream caused her fright
As demons did fight
The grandfather clock did peal
Just one stroke
It felt to her as if strangely
Someone an elbow did poke
No , it wasn’t a joke

Nistara got up warily
And looked around quite charily
Wrapped around herself she did
Her light warm cloak
A night owl hooted scarily
She said to herself airily
It was only a housecat that slid
Down the old sturdy oak
Was it ghosts conferring
Or did merely frogs croak?
No , it wasn’t a joke

Something surely was amiss
If not that then surely this
If not then surely that
Sweat her brow did soak
Did she hear a cobra hiss ?
Did she then a heartbeat miss ?
Was that a witch’s cat ?
Was it thunder that broke ?
She listened with all her ears
And nothing really spoke
But No , it wasn’t a joke

She picked up a torch
Walked out to the porch
And flashed it all around
Till it decided to choke
A match might well scorch
So she came down a notch
And at Papa’s door did pound
And he got up , decent bloke
Mamma got up too
The whole household woke
No , it wasn’t a joke

They asked what was up
Mamma brought a cup
Of cocoa for little Nistara
And gave her a little poke
Then they all did sup
And there was gupshup
And Nistara put on her tiara
To frighten the goblin folk
Then everyone went back to sleep
Under Morpheus’ yoke
It was after all a joke

( ASA )


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