As I rush northwards vertically
I look up at the night sky
to see the half-moon
travelling with me.
there is a shadow world
passing by.
Hillocks plains streams lanes
palms shrubs trees woods
half alive in the dim silver
sometimes above
sometimes below
and sometimes
running with me.
A mountain looms
in the distance
comes close
turns and recedes
with a star twinkling all the while
on its brow.
Later I see the lone star
caught in a pool below.
Fear of the dark,
of the unknown
have made you
worship her as Kali.
You have lit lamps
to propitiate her
as these go out one by one
you curl up
knowing your vulnerability.
The shadows within
and without
merge into
one another

Vineetha Mekkoth
All rights reserved

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About Vineetha

Poet, writer, translator, editor Based in India. Has published poems in various anthologies. Is on the translators panel of the Kerala Sahitya Academy. Her poems have been included in the Brian Wrixon anthologies 'Words on the Winds of Change' and 'Women of One World'. She has also coauthored a poem with Gaurangi Patel which has been included in the 'Duet Anthology' brought out by XpressPublications. She has been selected for the ICOP Critics Award for March 2015 and her poem 'Reflections' is on the list of Highly Commended poems for the month selected by Destiny Poets, UK. In April 2015 her poem was published on the blog 'Incredible Women of India'. In the same month, April 2015, her poem 'Ashtavakra' was chosen as the Poem of the Month by Destiny Poets' International Community of Poets. In July 2015 her poem 'Nightscape' was one of the Highly recommended poems by Destiny Poets. So too in October 2015 her poem, 'Peace Always' was in the list of Highly Recommended poems by ICOP. Has been co-editor of 'Umbilical Chords: An Anthology on Parents Remembered'. Her debut poetry collection, 'Ashtavakra and Other Poems' was published in August 2017 by Authorspress, New Delhi

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