Night fights like no other
brother against brother
mate against mate
chemical flesh looks back
through blood mouth
tongue folds over left hook
hit the deck, hard
white suits splashed with my blood
slammed out by chemical night.

night space
hiding space
hide me please
from chemical burn
give me a closet to cry in
fur and nylon and cotton veils
my muffled wailing
chemical pain, condensed
i plant it deep within

night faces
i see in a chemical dream
hacks at my throat
dead w/ song
papered over

arise, arise
touch my open chemical eyes
burning in nausea
and vomit
read me notes of your poems
leftover from dictations
of my chemical dreams
my bones are cold

night stings
like onions cooking in the pot
chemical bee sting
there i see myself
no brother or sister
i’m a stranger here
no mother/father
i’m orphaned here
i’m an exile
in the night
where i am most afraid
of chemical warfare
puttin’ up a fight

no father
no mother
no brother
no sister
shelter me from the chemical tears
searching to destroy me

let me stay with you a while
night is ending
this damned thing in my blood
a molecule
a malignant cell
chemical rash
stings out until it snaps.

dawn is coming soon
skimming over the lagoon
sings a crazed song
to tame my rage
and wash away
this chemical dream.


4 thoughts on “Night

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Night ” is visceral ,impassioned and as taut a poem as any reader could wish to find.My kind of poem.

    Editorial Note :- a very fine first post and share with our International Community of Poets on this site.Welcome to destiny Poets, Samuel Cody Ford.Please feel free to share some details on your biography if you wish.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for March 2014 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month – * In Winter – Michael Yates *….. Highly Commended (tabulated alphabetically).. – * Bare Hands – Sangeeta Ajay*…..* For Jim Morrison – Ampat Koshy *…..* I Ran Out Of Words – Jan Christian Sorensen *…..* (A) New Life – Elizabeth Castillo *…..* Night – Samuel Cody Ford * -…..* Oneness – Lata Tewari * ….* Pendulum – Rahul Aithal *…..* (The) Rain – Ogunjimi O.Joel *…..* Resilience – Gopal Lahiri *…..* War And Peace – Saakshi Chanana…..* What You Cannot – Dom Kafle *…..* Vanity – Mary Annie *…..

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