Near To Almighty


Seeing the condition of Mother Earth

Satan laughed loud with unmasked mirth.

All that he had schemed eons before,

Were now true for Man, more and more.

Such funk and chaos and thoughts so vile,

That one could hardly reconcile.

Destroying all through unspeakable deed –

Through lust and power and avarice, greed.


Then Satan rubbed his hands in glee.

“I am happy now as you can see.

Man will one day, did I not tell?

Will join me in the deepest hell.

I had them ousted from paradise.

They fell – never again to rise.

Thrown away from Garden o’ Eden,

They fawn around me, to do as bidden.

Choking in filth, fire, rage and thorn,

They are slaves in a kingdom without morn.

Man will be Man’s biggest enemy,

And there’ll be villainous alchemy.


“Man, my slave, by slaying his betters,

Is more ensnared in my evil fetters.

Through murder and mayhem, killing each other,

Man becomes my perfect brother.

Without my grace they can’t prosper.”

Rolling in glee, Satan would holler.


Fast, on clouds, came Angels hell bound,

And Satan fled like a beaten hound.

Man shouldn’t break, or despond.

For soon enough God will respond.

Goodly deeds are Godly deeds

Reap good harvest, sow good seeds.


If Man sets up a standing rule,

Of bestowing love, not ridicule;

Of spurning crime and becoming wise,

Then God will take them by surprise.

Man shall know peace, as God bestows

More joy and ecstasy than Man knows.

Treating others as own, without disdain,

Man takes his place in God’s domain.

Foregoing vengeance and the blaming game,

He comes closer to God and nothing is the same.

Now that it is our time to go,

It is also the time for us to show

Doing righteous things we become better

And spurning crime, break Satan’s fetter.





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About farah siddiqui

Farah Siddiqui Matin, a Ph.D from the university of Allahabad is a poetess of her own choice. She is born and brought up in Allahabad and currently residing in Ireland with her Scientist hubby Shafique Matin. She started composing poems from January 2014 and published her first book “The Bliss of Solitude” in May 2014(a collection of 50 poems). Second Book “Like I Born in Venus” was inaugurated in 2015 that has 70 poems, beside this she has 15 anthologies and numerous poems in International and National offlne/online magazine. She has been also awarded “The Best Poetess Debut Award” in 2015. She has also nominated and honoured among 100 famous women in Jaipur, India 2016. She has also interviewed in national television in India. Farah has got published her poems in the very famous International American Magazine “Life and Legends” and famous French magazine “Levure Litteraire” in 2015.

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