Nature’s Child

Nature’s Child

In this complex world
I long for tranquility
My brain gone numb
Body strung like guitar strings
Having traveled the highway of city life
A hefty toll I have paid

Confusion and noise
Penetrates my very core
Anxiety driven
Struggling to breath
Slowly suffocating
It calls to me

Softly , non-intrusive
It dares not knock
To rudely awaken me from slumber
Chooses instead to speak to me in whispers
Only I alone can hear
Words carried on a breeze

Caressing my mind
Nudging politely with a knowing touch
The forest
A worn dusty trail
Welcomes me
The earth delights in my footsteps

Fragrant breaths of pine and fir
Heighten my senses
The trees seem to smile, happy
For they do not know of anger or greed
Suspicion and lies
Blessedly oblivious

I walk on through tall tussock grasses
Gossamer webs
A spider’s pride
Intimidating beauty of intricate flowers
Delight in the air , breathing new life
Into my cold lifeless soul

Shedding my layers of Armour
I am lighter, weightless
Battles of past and present lost among the forest floor
My heart once hard, softened
Sunlight dapples through the trees
I embrace the warmth like a long lost lover

Serendipity washes over me
I set myself down on sun-baked rocks
My feet, now bare, soak in an elixir of coolness
Listening to the stream talk to the dipping willows
Telling secrets of nature, its story is patience
Accomplishing so much, with an unhurried pace

Lessons learned in a school of fish
Teaching subjects of renewal and growth
Cattails sit high in their seats
Studious, curious
I drift into a spiritual dream
Awaken to the humid light of a sinking sun
Whispering promises of a better tomorrow

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About Suzanne Parlee

I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. Now an adult I find such comfort in words, in books, and the written word in general. I am from New Brunswick, Canada, a province surrounded by The Bay Of Fundy, and The Saint John River, only one hour's drive from the Maine/USA border. Beautiful province!

6 thoughts on “Nature’s Child

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Nature’s Child ” requires a modicum of endurance on behalf of the reader and preparedness to be emotionally enmeshed in the redemptive narrative that attains the summit with, “whispering promises of a better tomorrow “. The Spiritual travails and encounters will not be entirely unfamiliar with those acquainted with works such ” The Pligrim’s Progress “……( editorial note ; punctuation ? )

  2. Karen Wagg

    Beautiful! I love the picture your words paint. Longing for those sun baked rocks and peaceful reflection…..

  3. Michael Power

    Hi Suzanne,

    Your poem is very relevant to the way I feel when i at last take that much needed break are revert to the wilderness. It is true especially in your last couple of verses that the sheer majesty of nature enters my veins and gives me a transfusion of hope that no human coaxing or advice, sympathetic or emphatic could ever deliver on my daily delusions.

    Funny how different we all think we are when we really aren’t that different at all.

    Thank you for inviting me to share your poem.


  4. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem comprises one of the twelve chosen for inclusion in ,PICK OF THE POEMS;QUARTERLY 2012 RETROSPECTIVE: PART 2
    The second quarterly , ” PICK OF THE POEMS ” PART 2 : Poems posted @ during April 1st – June 30th. The editorial choice is again tabulated in alphabetical order. …”Blue eyed Boy’s Mother”. by Sana Rose….”Day dreams”.by Annie Marie…”Forefathers” by Sarita Jenamani…”Give flowers”.by Leander David…”Give yourself to true love
    “.by Rima Jaber…”I am waiting”.by Nalini Priyadarshni…”If I could turn back time”.by Sharon Elizabeth Walker…”Japanese Stamp”.by Iulia Gherghei…”Long tunnel of silence”.by Gopal Lahiri…”Metal Shavings”.by Martin Nicholson…”Mill Man’s Magic”.by Amol Redij…”Nature’s Child”.by Suzanne Parlee…


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