Nature Shows the Way

The sun never says he will not shine,
see how he lights up the earth.
The moon is not shamed in borrowing sun’s light,
so witness how she beautifies the night.
The ocean has no qualms in loving the full moon,
and do we hear the roar of climaxing waves!
The rose never says it will not bloom,
see how its fragrance removes the gloom!
A caterpillar never shies from striving,
and watch how it gifts us a butterfly!
A bird never vows to stay in the nest,
so behold how it soars in the sky!

But a poet sometimes chooses to not write
and he lets the wrong hide what is right.
A fighter of a man may choose to not fight
and prevent the dark world from seeing light.
A dancer hides her feet under the cloak of shame,
and blocks the world’s joy reserved in her name.
An artist doesn’t paint, bound by money game,
and leaves untouched a fortune of his own fame.
A lover stops the grand beauty of his own romance
and keeps the world away from an orgasmic trance.

Nature shows the way to joy,
but do we have the eyes to see?
It tells us the story of beauty,
but where are the ears that can hear?
It shows the glory of living our purpose,
but where are the hearts that are open?

2 thoughts on “Nature Shows the Way

  1. VijayNair

    Image after image contributes to the lesson we must learn from the world of nature.A profound, inspirational poem.


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