Nami Amida Butsu

Between my Being
And Nothingness
Lies Consciousness

That Consciouness
Where Lilies bloom
In Twilight gloom

Starry Lilies
Wandering across Blackness
Of forever Darkness

Never the end
It’s been such a lovely day
Pray, Love, stay

What happened Love
Used to be so good
Abba understood

Doubled up grief
Soothed by simple belief
Infinite relief

Wandering Stars
Free to seek Happiness
Light Limitless

( AmitAbha AmitaBul )

4 thoughts on “Nami Amida Butsu

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Never the end
    It’s been such a lovely day
    Pray, Love, stay
    Inspite of ‘forever Darkness’, hope and thankfulness are there in Prayer …Nami Amida Butsu…and life goes on…

  2. Bilquis Fatima

    A lovely thought provoking poem. The stanza,”What happened love used to be so good….”catches my attention most as it reminds me of the teenage / adolescent’s perception of love which was limited to romanticism and predominantly assosiated with companionship , enjoyment and a measure of success but elders knew the reality of love which brings with it responsibilities and heartaches.


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