My Yearning

Wear my yearning
As if it were your favourite perfume
Wear it
As if it were your watch
Or even your favourite crystal
Wear it
As if it were your favourite underwear
Or your lucky charm
Or even your favourite shoes
Just wear it
And let it widen your smile
And soften your eyes
And make your heart dance
Let it create ripples in your sleepy ocean
And bid mermaids to cajole us
While we only care to sit and contemplate
Let it paint your seas
And lift up waves, raging and wild
Able to drown out the whole cosmos!

Let it fire up your sparks
And bid you to consume of it
As would starving wolves
Having met with their prey
After having spent months in drylands!

Wear my yearning, Muse,
Wear it
And let us both rejoice of it
As its energy flows between the instruments
That have now become our bodies!

5 thoughts on “My Yearning

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    One can’t help thinking that had Jane Austen’s fictional character Emma been somehow transported through time to 2021,then this is how she would have written her poems.

  2. Amita Paul

    A bold , sensuous , modern , feminine take on poetry , cajoling the Muse through anaphoric exhortations, some fairly intimate .

  3. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Addressing the dear Muse so lovingly ‘to wear it’…to be able to share the joy….as the energy flows…
    a very interesting read dear poet!


    Exquisite poem indeed remarkable for the sensuous portrayal of longings and yearnings with romantic exuberance titillating the readers!


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