My Warring legs

“Six decades of coalition comes to an end”
Threat was from my old tired legs.
But how can a relationship be snapped this way?
I adamantly demanded an answer-
“After all “I declared “you are just a part of me,
And have no right to threaten me like this”.

Then began the lament of my legs-
“Don’t you teach us what our rights are!
Have you ever treated us with love and affection?
We have always been taken for granted ,
Let us make it very clear to you dear thankless lady-
“We are not a set of Indian homemakers to be taken for granted infinitely!”
Diwali ,pongal, ganesh chaturthi or a birthday of your loved ones,
Long rows of mouthwatering dishes you made all for your darlings
Have you ever thought about us for a moment ?
Had we not supported you for hours and hours together?

“Long walks around the temples praying incessantly for something,
Carrying home a big bag full of vegetables for an array of next day cooking,
Running after a loaded bus at the last minute –
All this was made possible because of us .
You never gave us our due and
We have supported you for half a century and more,
Now enough is enough we are breaking our ties with you!
With helplessness and disbelief ,
I kept looking at my warring legs!!!

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About Vijinarayan

I am a freelance writer based at Coimbatore in India.An avid reader and an occasional blogger, I write for popular newspapers in India and for many online Platforms. A cancer survivor trying to live every single day of my life meaningfully.

8 thoughts on “My Warring legs

  1. Amita Paul

    A charming poem on the problems of aging , when the body often begins to send signals of non cooperation : here it is two lower limbs which make a declaration of revolt , followed by an interesting imagined conversation with the owner of the body of which they are part. Witty and pithy.

  2. pramilakhadun

    Beautiful poem, so touching and so realistic, eye-opening on the whole. Let the beautiful ink flow my dear Viji.


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