My Spiritual Journey

It makes twenty years this year
Since it happened,
The jolt, the electric shock rather,
Pushed into me which bid me
To try searching for my soul,
Or, to awake to my inner consciousness,
To accept the fact that this world
Is not mine and that however much I try,
I shall never be happy here!

It makes twenty years indeed
And it happened at a time when
I used to call myself an atheist
But I guess if the subtle powers
Ruling us from far beyond the silent skies
Decide to choose you, there can be no
Resistance from your part!

It pushed me to my knees, crying in pain,
Then, it pushed me into a bottomless pit
Just to see my reaction and when I
Decided to let go of everything and to
Surrender to that truth of life which
Everyone philosophizes about but which
No one can say for sure, for they have not
Seen it for themselves, it decided to scoop me
Back up to drylands, where, it dried up my hair
And patted my clothes dry and said to me
“Walk, this is your path, just remember two things,
The first is that it shall end somewhere someday and
The second is that sometimes, the walk shall feel
As pleasant as would be walking through a rose
Garden but at other times, it shall be as tough
As would be fighting off snakes trying to bite you!”

And then, lost in the trust that my heart commanded
For this power, I walked, and I have been walking since then
And so far,
I have expanded my knowledge of spirituality,
Limiting me not to one religion solely
But feeding my thirst to know of what all
These different manifestations of the same unknown
Power are made of, and of course,
I have deemed it best to accept that rituals,
Of whatever kind are of no use if my heart
And intent would not be pure,
I walk still, knowing not where I shall find myself
But, harboring no negativity in me,
Not even for my enemy even if I get wronged
And end up bursting into tears in the solitude
Of my room!

The spiritual journey is one on which I am
Still embarked on and for that one,
No planes or cruise ships are needed
Only the mind and a good connection to the
Cosmic energy that surrounds us are
And of course,
I hope to find opportunities to water my journey
As I want it to bloom into an orchard
Made of divine fruits which have only been heard
So far on Earth but which have not been seen
By anyone!

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