My Spell

I want my poetry
to envelope your inner being,
to heal the scars
that human blades have left there,
My poetry would run through
the very deepest part of you,
like a cascade of ice
cooling the darknesses that
human shames have seeded there,
I’ve forgot to tell you
my poetry will turn you upside down ,
will scatter you from all the evil,
an angel,maybe in white, will appear
in the mirror of your eyes ;
I want my poetry to be
like a spell over your heart.

4 thoughts on “My Spell

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A nicely shaded ,atmospheric poetic exercise in the mysterious. The imagery and allusions are expertly done, with hints and traces of Edgar Allan Poe ?…..[ Editorial note to Iulia; please note the grammatical corrections and minor adjustments to words on a line…..]

    1. iulia gherghei Post author

      Sorry, Louis, but your changes give the verse a hole new sense, I am refering to:
      “an angel, maybe in white, will appear” probably with two comas we can keep it this way- an angel in white is a cliche’ , that is what I am talking about! Please! Thank you for your care!

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