My Soul’s Resonance

oh! the dramatic unison and dissection of my soul

i know its just the secret of resonance

Wavering me to highs and lows of love and hatred

i can’t be menial to ignore anyone as that’s me

how beautifully you play the game

hiding and seeking with me of my own presence

yes you do resonates in forms really unknown

but never denying you make me accept every realm of yours

in different forms,facets,ways,faces unknown

it all curds my grey and stem cells

that i really gave up to follow your phenomenal resonance

but yet i know that each resonance is my own soul

in other ways that i start seeking longing for them

oh! the dramatic unison and dissection of my soul

Answer me of you bifibrication

as i now know i am apart of integrated supreme soul

as i know your game of resonance

it neither infuses nor gives me a zeal

I am lost finding myself everywhere like a mirage

as if haunting me of my own instability

Now i want to seek the true love,the true longings

Union of my soul with all its bifragments

embracing and holding the fusions of myself with you

To be a part of integrated divine supreme soul

that never parts and lives in unison forever and ever……………..





1 thought on “My Soul’s Resonance

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The contemporaneously published works , ” My Souls’s Resonance ” and ” The Speaking Shadow ” ,present the reader with a distinguished pair of vibrant and lively poetic narratives suffused with a deftness and incisive grasp of their subject matter. An impressive first post and share with Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets from our very newest registered member, Shamsher Singh !


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