My soul’s conciliation

My soul yearns to be given a glimpse

Of the power which can melt a hardy stone

My soul yearns to break free from me

To fly high over clouds

And cross the borders of Earthly existence!


Yet, my soul will have to keep itself steady

And patient

For the body it inhabits

Has duties to perform,

Actions to be accomplished,

Reactions from past lives to be tolerated!


Yes, my soul will have to understand

That the body it inhabits

Does carry, along with it

The heart of a maiden

One, so brittle and frangible

That it had ceased to believe in itself

One, so shaky and delicate

That it had opted to beat only for survival purposes!


Why, my soul, though yearning and pining

For that which remains unknowable

Will have to abide to the whims of my heart

After all, it is merely acting out of its set humanity


My heart,

Has been shaken out of its self chosen concealment

For Life has thrust upon its mechanisms

Some magical potion

Willing it to beat faster

To bloom into millions of lilies

To grow into crawling vines

To thirst,

Yes, to thirst

For the profundity of passion!

3 thoughts on “My soul’s conciliation

  1. suzette portes san jose

    a soul locked up on mortality… the desire to be above and complete in freedom of self… perhaps never lost in the circle of life as time repeats in its seconds to each hour… meaningful… a word beyond words… 🙂


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