My Own Kind

I tried to find happiness
In those things
That the rest of the world did
I only ended up realising
That mine is none other
Than a fate of a dark poetess!

The ways of the world
Attract me not
In whatever I do,
I find emptiness
And wherever I go,
I feel like
I am a ghost ship
Roaming towards
There where none shall 
Be able to see me!

Still,I keep on trying my best
As, in the very end,
I live on the soils of this Earth
And it becomes my duty
To merge in with the rest
It is well known
That birds of the same feather
Shall keep on flocking together!

Each time I glance into The Pond of Truth,
Along with the rest of the world
I realise
That they have no wings on their backs
While mine are golden shiny ones!

I wonder then
If this is why I find no happiness
There where I see it most
With others, who,
Are supposed to be of my own kind!

4 thoughts on “My Own Kind

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    The poem has darkness yet like silver lining clouds shine the words make reader pray for some blissful moments for the dark life.wonderful work

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