My Mother’s Love

You showed me how to walk, and trust

To hold my head up high –

When all around me, things went wrong

You held me tight, ‘til all was calm!


You showed me how to grin, and bear

When in despair I went.

You taught me how to smile again

When death rolled in, and took a soul!


Now life’s moved on, and toll it’s took

On how you lived your life,

When all you gave to us, your heart

Your love, so sweet divine!


A year’s now past, and through its taught

Me how to carry on –

With such sweet love, my family for

In honour of your love you taught!


I’ll always grow my own –

To show my family how to smile

How to carry on!



How to love, when things go wrong,

And how to hold a hand.

I’ll always show that God is Love –

In Him we trust, and walk!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

1 thought on “My Mother’s Love

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” My Mother’s Love ” conveys a warmth and empathy which displays Sharon’s particular poetic strengths most effectively……..[ Editorial Note …. The surfeit of exclamation ! marks are not necessary !! ]

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