My Mother

Every October golden memories
flap their wings to migrate
soaring near the firmament where
you rest on feather bed clouds.
Once again, my insecurities
softly cushioned, foetus-like
I snuggle close to conjured warmth.
Then on a downward flight
back to the brown soil I land.
With the salt of my eyes I prepare
steaming soft rice dumplings –
your staple breakfast – slowly solidifying
leavened bubbles of nostalgia.
How your seasoned hands measured out
my life, stumbling into right and
wrong proportions: dropping dos
and don’ts like throwing in
spoonfuls of the sweet and sour!
You brewed a broth – a lentil soup –
to start my life afresh each morning
like a queen, and never to feel satiated.

6 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. VijayNair

    A superb,evocative,memory poem in remembrance of the poet’s mother.The images are apt and coalesce into a perfect tribute.

  2. Amita Paul

    Nothing could be more evocative of a mother’s love than the comfort of nutritive and delicious food that our mothers in India prepare from scratch day after day , seemingly never tiring of the task, for the food is served and fed with love and care everyday. I can almost taste the fresh homemade soft warm puffy idlis and tangy sambhar described so vividly in this poem. The image of the mother finally getting her reward and resting in the golden beauty of heaven is extremely uplifting and comforting .

  3. Brindha Vinodh

    A beautiful poem, replete with images of nostalgia and the warmth of mother’s love, fondly recalled by the poet. A lovely tribute!

  4. pramilakhadun

    Lovely poem dear Madhymathy, you have chosen the right words and expressions to give vivid life to this poem and readers may easily relate themselves to their mothers in their own ways. Well done girl…..Bravo!


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