My Mirror

My Mirror.
When I got up once upon a time long ago I saw myself in my mirror.
I did not look like what I was told, but had a different view shown before my eye.
Innocent as new-fallen snow, naive and shy as a child I was.
But the picture I saw was distorted but they did as I did, no understanding in mind.
Past eyes so full of lies, past speech from a distance as called upon, everyone was so mad.

Not long ago I stood up and looked in my mirror.
I looked like what I was told by myself, but had a different view for my eye.
Adult and experienced as a man of the world, but shy and sensitive as a child.
But the picture I saw was distorted by myself, who did not understand.
Past eyes so full of lies, past beautiful words are not of this earth.

I get up and look in my mirror.
I look like none of it I get told, but the vision I see telling the truth.
Older and somewhat wornout, but shy and empathetic as an old child.
But the picture I see is only distorted by the time passing and that I don’t understand anymore.
Past eyes so full of lies, past platitudes became today’s truths.

1 thought on “My Mirror

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    To say that this poem is emotionally powerful ,would be stating the obvious,in the same way that saying that granite is hard or that the sun is hot would be. A second and even a third read through are barely sufficient to gauge the force of this work. For me it has a lot of resonances with the Scripture , ” When I was a child I spoke as a child…”


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