My Love My Life

My Love My Life

O’ my love !
I see you smiling,
every where ,
every moment ,
every occasion
in my mind ,
in my soul,
in my thoughts ,
unable to touch you ,
unable to catch you ,
unable to hold you
in my widely opened arms ,

you ,
come in my dreams ,
rest in my eyes ,
whisper in my ears,
but unable ,
to understand your words,
to judge your smiles,
to read you expressions ,
just notice ,
play of your lips ,
blushing of your cheeks ,
movements of your eyes ,

always ,
run after you,
follow you ,
you get colour less,
you get invisible,
you get vanished ,
helplessly ,
I can’t meet you
I can’t forget you
I can’t leave you

try to run after you ,
get exhausted,
feel feeble ,
feel restless,
still ,
you invite me?
you call me ?
you want me ?

i am sorry , my love !
i have to wait
till the day ,
till the moment ,
my soul
gets exit
from my body ,

That very moment ,
it will not waste ,
single second ,
To fly after you ,
To find you ,
To hold you soul tightly,

without fail
it will ,
merge with your soul,
to breathe together,
to live together ,
to sleep together ,
Till end of the era.

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