My heart is out

In eternal wait
Sun sank in the sea
Moon gulped the Ocean
Gravitational forces failed
Something succumbed
In the bask of glory
Dews embraced the dusk
Sunflower kissed the sun
And there the splendid sun
Casts the shadow
Longer , darker and more clearer
Was it the holocaust of the smoke
Or the hallucination of me
I was there
I was everywhere
As a shade, grey and white
In colours I splashed to breathe
What was dwarfing in me
Or was it a warm welcome
I woke up
And found my heart was out
In the fragrance of the flowers
In the verses of my poems
To be the bohemian
Of untravelled woods
Of which the dust laden books
In some library dwells
The grave of immortal stories
I woke up , I wrote
And then the sparrows left the nests
To see another sun moons
And my heart was out
It was three in the morning
Silence, silence, and dead silence
Something died in that moment
Forever to embrace
Something unsaid
Something unheard
Something unfelt

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