My Father said.


My Father said, 

‘Life is what you make it’, 

and I never understood

until now. 


The world,

in general, 

is wretched.  



The rich get rich, and the poor get poorer. 


Just when you think you are safe, 

Wham, out from under your feet, 

and nothing you can do to stem the flow. 


Life is what you make it. 

Search, dig deep, 

and take it back. 

The Essence . 


Who you are. 

Things that matter. 

Undying Faith.  

All the wonder therein. 


My Father said, 

‘Life is as long or as short as a piece of string,

so live it’ 

Forgive it , 

do right. 


Be accountable, 

to self and your God.  

Forget the rest, 

and do the best

you can.  

My Father was a wise and honest man.

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