For a place unknown.

Let me leave, for a place unknown
People unknown , streets unknown
A valley of flowers unsung
A bloom they waited so long

And as I shall gradually know
Each shop each signboard yonder
The baker barber for sure
I know I shall be greeted with lot of cheer

They may smile and ask my name
Offer their company as best they could
My days slowly passing
Amid the drifting crowd

I may bump into the purest of water
Overflowing a spring or blue river
The rounds I shall take as often
Meadows of greener pasture

I may even find an antique
A piece of curio rare and old
A compass they probably used
One broken ship of yore

A rifle they perhaps used
I might as well lay my hands on
Claiming to be the proud owner
For the whole world to know

Let me yes , leave soon enough
Before it gets any more late
My destiny beckons me, yes
For a flight of freedom…

6 thoughts on “For a place unknown.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem uses many familiar literary tropes,harking back to the characters in novels of Dickens,Melville and others.A poem whose narrative voice is indelibly suffused with a longing for and anticipation of adventure.

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