My curse to you

Looking at the ceiling
desperate for a muse
looking blunt at the darkness spread on my windows
I am
sadly to notice, still I am
that proof of your outrageous sin
the proof that you stepped on corpses with no shame
in your greed to fulfil your goal
I am and always will be the dust under your rug
the ghost to haunt you endlessly
trust me
Now that I know how you mislead me
I am enraged
I am a dragon whose flame must disinfect itself
and last
will burn you as hell consumed at once
Looking at the ceiling
desperate for a muse
I am sad

10 thoughts on “My curse to you

  1. Iulia gherghei

    Thank you so very much, Louis Kasatkin! I hope grief will avoid me this year, the Poet of the year award will keep its ghost away from me quite a long time! Thank you once again!

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