My Broken Mess

The keys of my piano are broken

Agonising, I can only sit and stare at them

Letting the dread of the moment fill me

As it has been doing

Ever since

Those keys, being my strength,

Have fallen apart!

Keys they are, which have been given to me

Once, when the hour was dark and

The shadows stood out as sparkling and pulsating

Displays of light!

Now, I shall play no more,

I shall sing no more

I shall, rather, be the bird in the cage,

Too sad to even voice out of my agony

As it would seem,

That the rest of the world bothers not by it!

Cared they solely to listen to my tunes,

To sing along to my songs,

To hum as they went along with their lives,

But the fading mess that I have become

Shall be rubbed from their memories

As easily as the ocean wipes away the writings

On the seashore!

Why, the tears streaming down my face flow steadily

Hurting my eyes and accentuating my wrinkles

The sight that I am is a mess

As it can be seen in the mirror

Yet, the wise man’s sayings burst around in my head,

Is it true that someday I shall wake and laugh

At what I thought was the toil of my life?

Or is it merely some other wise man’s genius way

Of helping humanity deal with the meaninglessness of life?

Why, I have been feeling like I am only a part of what I am supposed to be

Ever since I started to get a notion of life

But this life or the next one

Shall still be painful if the part to complete me

Renounces over me

As I have chosen to do,

By falling in this realm!

My piano keys have fallen apart

And their sight reminds me

Of the spilt mess that I am!

Without them, I shall no more be,

As I shall not be able to create and pass on to the world

That small world which inhabits me!

My piano keys are broken

And I sit, and stare at them,

In utter desolation, as music, dreams and visions

Pulsate through my veins!

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