My birthday

Messages after messages flash on my time line
Filled with good wishes, they make me smile.

Cheerful voices wish me over the phone
Reminding me its my day
They invigorate me to the core.

Candles flickering at midnight on my favourite cake
Brought by my dear ones
Softly whisper that I am still dear to some.

All this remind and reiterate
That it’s my day to celeberate and create
Fresh memories that bury the old ones underneath.

Treasurable moments are captured since years on this special day,
Some by cameras to land on pages of an album
Some by the brain
to be stored as memory troves
Of mine , my mother and my loved ones.

My birth day, surely is a special one
For two were simultaneously blessed under the golden sun,
My mother: blessed with her new one, that’s me and
Myself : blessed with a life and family .

As of late these celebrations seem meaningless and incomplete
For my mom has slipped away into an eternal retreat,
But I do feel her blessings reaching me,
Through warm wishes of dear friends and families.

5 thoughts on “My birthday

  1. Anoucheka

    Deep and powerful feelings enunciation of how emotional is poetry….depicting gratitude, happiness and sadness

  2. Amita Paul

    A touching poem commemorating a milestone in the life of the poet which at the same time also displays her attitude of gratitude .


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