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The heart of a Goddess cannot be like that of a human

Whispered the winds to the depths of my soul

The heart of a Goddess has to understand beyond layers,

Even if that means, somehow, principles which are usually abided

Will have to be forsaken!

Your prayers have been heard, hissed they to my ears

But the Gods are being unable to respond

As your request hurts them!

How selfish of you, they said,

How selfish, specially for a high Goddess,

Care you not for the well being of the universe,

Worry you not about the future offspring of Creation

Care you not about us?

The winds hovered above my head silently

While bloody tears trickled down my cheeks,

Why, if being unable to bear with pain makes of me

A selfish goddess, then, I shall remain

Misunderstood for the rest of my life

After all, the gods were my power,

If they leave my side, I become as brittle

As a dried branch!

Come, croaked I to the winds,

Tell them, as from now,

I shall enjoy my pain

As if it were a juicy fruit placed on my tongue

On a hot summery day!

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