Mum , remember ?

Today, I saw a child banging her head against the wall
And I remembered a scene piercing the patina of years.
Was that disheveled child me?
Throwing herself on the floor, head- banging?
I am sure, it was me, shouting myself hoarse
A pampered child, I was, of course.

No mild reprimand could stop my tantrums
Every second, which gained momentum.
The red laburnum tree smiled indulgently
As I ran full throttle, , mum ,your stink eye failed on me
A stallion self –styled.

I remember chasing squirrels on wheeled feet
As, you ran after me down the street
Where a litter of black and white pups snoozed in the sun
Ah, what fun!
Was I ticking a marathon off my bucket list?
I am sure, it was then that I got a touch of the sun.
It persists even to this day, yes, they still call me mad
Yes, I was real bad.

Once with a power-packed punch,
I cuffed you across your face.
Your jaw tense, you patiently connived at my nonsense
Looking sheepishly at the woman
Smiling empathetically at you, finding nothing new
In the woes of a harassed mother
And the shenanigans of a wild child
Howling for an ice-cream in the bone -chilling cold of December.
Mum, remember?

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