Mother,the god on Earth


Sheltered in the womb

The world was all unknown

I was living in your realm

With the plethora of joy,hope,love and dreams

I was pondering in ignorance

For I was the wizard of absolute

I was all crumpling with biases

Yet I was in a slumber for I was in God’s arena

Ready to rejoice with unfolded mysteries


For With your breaths

I was alive

For With your thoughts

I was thoughtless with blueprints of thoughts mapped

I was all there as a part of you

To erupt with a zeal

With the thirst to see my  bifurcated soul

I opened my eyes with a cry

Yet with a smile in heart

For the pain of bifurcation was unbearable

Yet there was the schism with unsaid promise

The divine flow swapped to find the merge

With an unknown console that whispered

You are blessed to be in the lap of the mother

And further slower was the whisper in my ears that echoed

“Mother  – the god on earth! You are blessed!!

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