Mortgage Your Blood

Colored drops, that
Drip the weary eyes
Bleed dry hours inside the morrow cells
To uncouth the illusion:
Exhausted, perplexed and demeaned

That worn out, you;
You, who till the land,
Toil your sweat,
Mortgage your blood,
Throw your baby down the skyscrapers:
Mystified, baffled and confused

From the cavity of rage and fury
Bleated and buried;
Let Phoenix rise,
Jading the working hours;
Yet that is not finished and dry

3 thoughts on “Mortgage Your Blood

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for April 2015 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month ..** Ashtavakra – Vineetha Mekkoth **…..In the Category of Highly Commended ( Tabulated alphabetically ) are the following…..** An Bothar (The Road) – John Anthony Fingleton **…..** Dissolve in me – Rashmi Malapur **…..** Fifty Feathers for my Flight – Iulia Gherghei **…..** Fight of Shadows – Neetu Wali **…..** Fireflies of Time – Maaya Dev **…..** Flowers in a pot – Sunil Sharma **…..** Impaled – Elizabeth Hexberg **…..**Memories – Santosh Bakaya **…..** (The) Minion – Nalini Srivastava **…..**Mortgage Your Blood – Tapeshwar Prasad **…..** On Life’s Meaningful Pauses – Witty Fay **…..** Tunes of Ruin – Rehka Moothedoth **…… ICOP CRITIC Award for April goes to..Pramila Khadun & Maaya Dev.

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