More Than A Wish

Once the house was filled with life and soul,

It was not merely a pile of bricks then,

This skeleton has lost its dreams and hopes,

Stolen by animosity, lust and greed.

Emotions entangled in the cobwebs,

Incessant miseries in the duskiness,

Maligned thoughts in the miasma,

Vanished the glory and anticipations.

Still each stone bears the fading handprints,

Wrapped in unison with love and care.

Echoes the untold grandma tales,

The rhymes of the broken lullabies.

Spare me from the race for a moment,

Let my soul soar over this garden,

Let me paddle through this courtyard,

All I want is to be among the reminiscence.

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Professionally I am a life science researcher, trying to reveal biological truths. But poetry helps me to search my inner truth. I was introduced to poetry by my father who is a poet. I see poetry as a medium to express my emotions, imaginations and opinions

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