Moon’s game

The moon was adamant

With my soul, it would play a game

That of teasing me

To want to see it

Through a beautiful treat of hide and seek!


Why, full and round

It peaked at me

And then disappeared

Only to leave me yearning

For another glimpse

For another hearty swell

For another intake of breath

For another hopeful dream!


Yes, the moon tonight

Has me swaying to its many unheard tunes

Almost as if its inhabitants were keen

On throwing arrows at me

Arrows willing me to love life

Arrows powerful enough

As to have me forget about my imposed upon toil!


The moon’s arrows

Pierce the shell surrounding my heart

And leave it, bared, exposed to the world

So that all do see

That it is one so

Frail, vulnerable and so needy


Pray, the moon’s huskiness

Is mighty enough as to cause me

To unveil myself

And to blush crimson red

When faced with the glares of the world!


Why, in the moon’s game I would indulge

For I can help it not

Somehow or the other

The created piece that I am

Is connected to its dazzling shine!

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