Moon flower.


She  holds the silver beams in her  eyes

 sailing  through clouds towards unknown  realms

all that she has rests in her palms

and  of all those she lost, she has no qualms.

ploughing   relentlessly   for a lifetime

the rugged  field of  her  life

she triumphed in bearing fruits of wisdom and strive, 

a gift  to  be enjoyed and treasured in posterity.

scariest of monsters  she  has successfully  killed

with  her sharp willpower  and wits

even though tattered and shattered

she was left alone to heal.

Yet  with her tolerance  she applied  emollient

on the skins  of her  bitter adversaries,

 who try to submerge her head under water in  every bend,

as she  wades across swamps of darkness without a sigh.

I would pluck the stars  to make  her a crown

and churn the oceans  to smooth down  her lines

at the same time kneel down to offer her my life long  slavery,

for not a woman I saw who is so special yet so ordinary.

Soaking in the adversities she bloomed into  a Moonflower,

The rarest and the most beautiful,

Visible to those who tiptoe in the darkness

And dare to glance at her  only  from a distance.

6 thoughts on “Moon flower.

  1. Amita Paul

    A poem that depicts vividly , the strength and beauty of a woman who has passed successfully through the crucible of worldly suffering.


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